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"I started at 206 lbs and I have lost a total of 73 lbs. I'm feeling fantastic! It's still difficult to believe when people tell me that I look “skinny.”
Things I enjoy now:
- Buying clothing and trying on a size 8!!
- Being energetic, having a positive outlook and just feeling healthy!
- I can now smile when I look into a mirror. 
- I feel wonderful, happy and loving the new ME. It's so nice to add color to my wardrobe and not just buy black or dark clothing to hide myself.
It's been hard work, but I am so happy that I had this surgery done. I’ve tried several diets, had the lap band done only to have it removed. The next option for me was the gastric bypass. Dr. Rodriguez has been a excellent doctor, he is attentive, caring and available whenever I needed him along with his staff."


"My journey began August 6, 2015, weighed in at 263lbs. I have lost 83lbs thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, his staff and others that helped me through a huge change in my life. I feel better, prettier and healthier than ever. I am no longer a border line diabetic or my A1C is at a normal level. I no longer take BP (blood pressure) medication and no longer need my CPAP machine. I have achieved something that for other people seems like a natural thing but I couldn’t do it before surgery and that is run a lap around a football field. I felt so proud when I did it. I even started participating in 5K walks/runs and completed the walks. I don’t have pictures of myself prior to surgery because I didn’t like the way I looked so I would hide behind people hoping they would make me look smaller but now I have more confidence on my looks so I manage to take a picture by myself once in a while. I even have an Album on my phone called "My Selfies” just for myself to encourage me to continue on this amazing journey. Having the support of my family and friends has made this journey easier and fun."  


"Dr. Rodriguez is awesome! i was 45 years old, 5'2" and 320 pounds! I was loosing a battle I didn't know how to win. I was pre-diabetic, had IBS, no gallbladder, swollen joints and ankles, the list goes on. I was miserable! This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!! I'm now very active and enjoying life the way I should be! Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for helping me get my life back!"


"I did a lot of research in advance of my first appointment. Dr Rodriguez was just as genuine and knowledgeable as in the videos I had seen...but even MORE compassionate and caring! Letty has been wonderful with my preparation support!"


"My procedure was performed on October 12, 2017.  This is a very memorable and important date for me!  As I waited nervously in the exam room, my anticipation and anxiety went away when Dr. Rodriguez entered the room for my initial consultation.  Dr. Rodriguez was very compassionate, genuine and caring.  He was very concerned for my health issues and he answered all of my questions.  He made me feel at ease and comfortable.  I must say, his staff was as caring as he was. Since my surgery, my health has improved tremendously and I am feeling awesome!  I did not have any issues before, during or after my surgery. I have lost 75 pounds so far and loving my new life.  My A1C levels are now normal and I no longer take medications for my pre-diabetic condition.  If you are considering changing your life and contemplating any of the weight loss procedures that Dr. Rodriguez performs, you could not ask to be in better hands than his!  I cannot express enough how amazing, kind and compassionate Dr. Rodriguez and his staff has been to me!  I will be forever grateful to God for putting such an awesome physician on this earth and in my path.  Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for following and caring for me for the last year!"


"Prior to having weight loss surgery I was experiencing sever depression and severe back pain.  With a diagnosis of scoliosis and stenosis I had multiple back surgeries which only left me partially paralyzed and more depressed. As I aged my back pain progressed and I got to a point I was unable to get out of bed most days. I started putting on weight and this made me feel even worse.  I needed help!  My family and doctors suggested that I seek a consultation for the possibility of having weight loss surgery.  I must say, I was really frightened about the prospect of having weight loss surgery.   After my consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, my fears diminished.  Dr. Rodriguez took the time needed to explain everything I needed to know "in detail".  He made sure I understood all the life style changes necessary to be successful with my wight loss.  I am so pleased that I chose the gastric by-pass and even more pleased that I chose Dr. Joel Rodriguez as my weight loss surgeon.  He is the best!"


"I had the bypass in Nov 2015 And all I can say is that Dr.Rodriguez is dedicated to his patients he's the best in S.A. He is compassionate, caring, loving and he has changed my life. His staff is always so inviting and always have a smile on their face. Annette and the medical assistant Sonya are very sweet and kind......♡♡♡."


"Dr. Rodriguez is pretty cool in my book. He made this probably the most comfortable surgery I have ever had. He's encouraging and is there every step of the way. He's pretty dapper as well. He cares and listens to your needs. Totally would recommend him to others -- 5 stars."

"Dr. Rodriguez is literally the best! I did my research for a while before deciding which surgeon to go with, but there was no competition because he was the best all around from his undergraduate school to his residency he was top notch! I would recommend him to anyone (One of my close friends is using him for their surgery because of how fast I recovered and how awesome Dr. Rodriguez is!) He is very kind and has helped me transform my life in sooo many ways and I couldn't be more grateful that he did my surgery! He is very much a hands on surgeon who is with you every step of the way! He is humble, smart and very kind; he is able to speak at multiple levels from those who literally know nothing about surgery to those who want more indepth information because they have extensive knowledge in that area... he is all around awesome and easy on the eye if I do say so myself lol! I started this journey at 230 lbs  and 3 months and 8 days later (January 18 2019) I weigh 176 lbs. I lost 54lbs in 3 months! That is literally mind blowing! Can you even imagine!!!
Sticking to what the surgeon says and recommends is key! Vitamins, calcium, probiotics, etc.... if you follow his lead you will succeed and he wont let you fail, but you have to put in the effort too! I LOVE this surgeon and I cannot say enough about how AWESOME and skilled he is!!! He got his MD from one of the top 10 medical schools in the United States! He is FANTASTIC and the recovery was quick and painless! I had 4 days of severe nausea, but no gas pain in my chest like most people say they get with other surgeons! I was able to was more than 8 laps around the hospital the same day I had the surgery! The nausea was the worst, but other than that my recovery was smooth and fast and I can only attribute that to him being an AMAZING surgeon! My sister had the same surgery done by another Dr. and she was in pain for at least a month! If you are thinking of getting this surgery DON'T BE SCARED and CHOOSE  this Surgeon, it will be the BEST decision of your LIFE!!!"


"I had my sleeve surgery in December 2016. Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for giving me my new lease on life. I will be forever grateful."


"Obesity was part of my life for many years. It has been over a year since I meet Dr. Joel Rodriguez and his staff at Rio Surgical and decided to initiate my weight loss journey. Back then I was 240 pounds, felt tired, unmotivated, and moody. Being obese affected my self-esteem enormously, and even though I was never medically diagnosed with “depression”, I am certain that I was depressed. Obesity brought me a series of medical issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high liver functions and, last but not least, I became borderline diabetic. And for all this I had to take medication daily. I knew that my health issues were serious and possibly fatal. After meeting with Dr. Rodriguez and knowing what will be taking place, I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. This dramatic decision required a lot of changes on my part, but it was something I medically needed. I completely agree with RioSurgical's slogan “surgery for a healthy life style” because, after losing over 100 pounds, life is better now. My body has slowly adjusted and I am pleased to say that weight loss surgery was all worth it. I would recommend Dr. Joel Rodriguez to anyone, he is caring and dedicated to his patient's wellbeing."


"I have lost the equivalent of an entire person; approximately 146 lbs to date. I am approximately 1 year post op. I am enjoying my life without the constant body aches or shortness of breath. I am also more active and less fatigued, thanks to Dr. Joel Rodriguez and his team helping me through it all. My favorite healthy recipes definitely are salads of all kinds, I try to keep it light for sure. Dr. Rodriguez has assured me that I am now at a healthy weight and lifestyle. I hope I can inspire someone and show that perseverance and hard work pay off in the end." 


"Since being referred to Dr Rodriguez, my life life has changed!
No more back pain, knee pain, or shortness of breath!I can now sit comfortably in chairs, and I no longer need extenders to fasten my seat belt on a plane!
Having a gastric sleeve was the best decision I ever made, and although I am not where I would like to be, I'm not where I used to be! Thank you Dr Rodriguez, Annette, Sonia, and all of your staff for being by my side!!!"


"I can say I was bless to meet the most kind and professional doctor In my life. I had surgery on June 22, 2016 (five months) and have already lost 70 pounds! Thank you Dr. Rodriguez and all your staff for making my dream come true!!!


"Dr. Rodriguez is fabulous!!! He definitely has a deep interest for the well-being of his patients! He ensures you are never alone before, during, & after surgery! I highly recommend him!"


"Since September 27th, I have lost 136 pounds. I feel great, I have more energy for life activities. I would suggest to anyone struggling with being overweight to consider surgery and follow the the doctor's orders. They will love the results."  



"I cannot sing the praises enough for Dr. Rodriguez. He did my surgery when he was in Dallas. If it was not for him, I would not be alive today. Not only did he save me with the weight loss surgery, I had an strangulated abdominal hernia. I do know he performed 3 surgeries on me the last one being Christmas Eve. While recovering he would call and check on my progress daily. I never saw him when he didn’t have a smile. I wish other doctors had his bed side manner. I am down 223.8 pounds from when we did my weight loss surgery -- giving me my life back. The only regret is that Dr. Rodriguez not in the Dallas area anymore -- a true loss to the Metroplex."

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